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Anything and Everything Bat related in Vid style
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25th-Jul-2012 06:26 am - Continuation
Wow..... absolutely awesome to see that Destiny has kept this place going! And not just her but others as well. I'm so frickin' appreciative of that. And I'm going to be catching up for a while, aren't I? A lot of vids to go and watch and squee over!
Batman - The Dark Knight
Title: I will not Bow
Vidder: Destinyawakened
Rating: pg, mostly
Summary: just a tribute
Song: I will not bow by Breaking Benjamin
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?xd9k3q7bx6t9tjt
A/N: Eight months to make because I found footage was just not working. The newest TDKR trailer has proven to be a muse lifter.

7th-Apr-2011 09:51 am - Batman: Waiting for the End
Batman - The Dark Knight
Title: Waiting for the End
Characters: Bruce Wayne and ensemble
Vidder: destinyawakened 
Rating: pg-13, as the movies are
Warnings: Only if you've never seen the Batman Nolan movies
Summary: Just a simple memoirs sort of vid, trying to get back into vidding after months off. Enjoy.
Download (for better viewing) : .wmv download, let me know if you prefer another format.

Music: "Telephone" by Lady Gaga (featuring Beyoncé)
Fandom: Batman Begins & Watchmen
Characters: Batman & Rorschach
Link: Media Fire, Vimeo embedded video & the lyrics
Summary: A deep psychologically probing character comparison of the Goddamn Batman and Rorschach. Set to a dance song by Lady Gaga!
Spoilers: I think there are movie related spoilers for Batman Begins. There seems to be only character related spoilers for Watchmen, however.
Batman - The Dark Knight
Title: Bruce Wayne/Jack (Joker) : Over and Over
Pairing: Bruce Wayne, Jack White (The Joker)
Vidder: destinyawakened 
Rating: pg-13, as the movies are
Warnings: Only if you've never seen the Batman Nolan movies and don't follow or know anything about the RP verticaldescent 
Summary: Bruce and Jack went to High School together. Jack continually tries to get Bruce's attention through any means. It goes on for years and years. Bruce disappears for seven years, Jack gets married. Bruce returns...
Download (for better viewing) : wmv download here

View it here embedded from youtubeCollapse )
26th-Jul-2010 02:26 am - Batman Forever Vid: Paparazzi
Music: "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga
Fandom: Batman Forever
Character/Ship: E Nygma, Bruce Wayne, Chase Meridian
Vid: link
Summary: Obsessed fans vie for the Batman's attention.
15th-Jun-2010 07:47 pm - Batman Returns Vid: Boys Boys Boys
Music: "Boys Boys Boys" Lady Gaga
Fandom: Batman Returns
Character/Ship: Selina Kyle-Catwoman/Bruce Wayne-Batman.
Vid: link
Summary: "Did the costumes make it good, Dan Bruce?"
Truce: Two
Title: Truce: Just Dance - Gonna be Okay
Pairing: Tony/Bruce (if you can call it a pairing), Joker on the side with a little bit of Rachel, Ra's and League of Shadows.. etc etc
Vidder: destinyawakened
Rating: pg-13, as the movies are
Warnings: Only if you've never seen the Batman Nolan movies or Iron Man 1
Summary: There is none. It's just clips and music and fun. :)
Download (for better viewing) : http://www.mediafire.com/?awuodjzmm55

View HERE: @Wayne/Stark
11th-Apr-2010 10:46 pm - Let it Rock; Batman/Iron Man
guilty pleasures
Title: Let it Rock
Song: Kevin Rudolf [ft. Lil' Wayne]
Vid: maîtredelaville
Rating: PG13
Feedback: lemaitredelaville[at]yahoo/gmail[dot]com
Disclaimer: I own neither the Iron Man Movieverse nor the Nolanverse.
Warnings: Language, Slash, Cut Insanely Fast?

"Dear Bruce,
Lighten the fuck up.

embedded video, direct download, & notes over at my journal
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